To Do Log, Fail Log, Success Log

To Do Log

To Do Log was featured (globally) by Android Market in September/October 2011 and was top featured productivity App.

To Do log is a to-do list and “not to-do list” in one. You assign points (either negative or positive) to tasks; then work to get the highest score over time by both doing things you want to do and avoiding those you shouldn't do. You can use it both for things you want to do and those you don't (so it is idea for new year resolutions, health or diet plans etc).

You can easily add new repeating or one off items, mark them as done and record past occurrences of items. You can also add notes with additional information (and edit them later).

Later you can view graphs showing when you get stuff done, when you are most likely to get distracted or do negative things. By learning this you can take action to better achieve your goals.

Success Log and Fail Log

Quickly record your successes and failures and get back to doing things.