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I make Android Apps, iOS Apps and websites. This website highlights some of the projects I have worked on. My main website has a much wider range of content.

My Apps

I mostly focus on productivity applications for Android. I have had Apps featured by Google, Lifehacker, CNET and other major websites.


My Apps have been downloaded over half a million times and have been extremely well reviewed (typically between 4 and 5 stars out of 5 on Google Play).


Habit Streak

Habit Streak was selected alongside apps from the BBC, Guardian and Sky as a British Favourite by Google. It has also been featured on Google's front Android store page, by Lifehacker, selected as one of MakeUseOf's Best Android Apps.

Habit Streak helps you achieve your goals (or New Year's Resolutions) in exercise, diet or other areas of your life. Each day you report on whether you succeeded yesterday, building up streaks of habits and ingraining the activities into your life.

"After a few days you'll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain" (Jerry Seinfeld)

Habit Streak has two key advances on Jerry Seinfeld's original technique. Firstly it allows you to build several chains up at once. Secondly it (optionally) prompts you every day to report on your success (whereas one could easily forget to update or look at a physical calendar).

Write and Write Notebook

Write was selected by CNET as one of its best apps for students.

I created Write as a minimalist notepad and journal for early Android tablets. It has since been updated for use on smaller tablets such as the Google Nexus 7.

Write offers both a minimalist writing interface that allows you to focus on what you are currently writing and a proper Android style interface for managing your notes/journal entries. It has the features which should be in an Android text editor: clean interface, word count, proper Android appearance and searching your notes.

It saves automatically and allows you to quickly share your notes with other apps and other people. It has themes, folders and markdown support among other features; but it keeps the main writing interface clean and clear for you to focus on your writing.

More Android Apps


You can establish exercise routines, diets, new year resolutions and other positive activities with Task:Life.

Using Task:Life you set goals such as going to the gym twice a week or not eating cake five days a week, then track your progress over time.

You record each day if you succeeded yesterday (and are thus encouraged to do the task today, particularly if you didn't manage it yesterday). This is an effective, flexible method of ingraining regular activities into your life.

Task:Life encourages you to exceed your own expectations by tracking the percentage of days you succeed and comparing this with your target. You can view a graphs of your history (and see how your performance has improved over time).

You can choose from several ways to view performance including an overall view, a (custom) windowed view or weekly approach.

On Android 4.0+ you can automatically backup your progress to Dropbox and restore it if you change or lose your phone.

To Do Log, Fail Log, Success Log

To Do Log

To Do Log was featured (globally) by Android Market in September/October 2011 and was top featured productivity App.

To Do log is a to-do list and “not to-do list” in one. You assign points (either negative or positive) to tasks; then work to get the highest score over time by both doing things you want to do and avoiding those you shouldn't do. You can use it both for things you want to do and those you don't (so it is idea for new year resolutions, health or diet plans etc).

You can easily add new repeating or one off items, mark them as done and record past occurrences of items. You can also add notes with additional information (and edit them later).

Later you can view graphs showing when you get stuff done, when you are most likely to get distracted or do negative things. By learning this you can take action to better achieve your goals.

Success Log and Fail Log

Quickly record your successes and failures and get back to doing things.

Micro Journal

A simple, beautiful application for making short (private) notes or journal entries, which you can then quickly share.

Using microJournal

  • Tap a saved note to share it.
  • Hold on a saved note to edit it, clone it (start editing a copy of it) or to delete it.
  • Export and import to and from SD card to allow you to backup/restore your entries.
  • Premium export to word processors, blogs and email now available (requires purchase of key app).
  • There are several extra features to thank those who support the development of the App including extra settings (character limit, skip menu) and extra export options.

Multimedia Experiments

Complex Camera

An experimental camera with a minimalist (text free) interface, choice of aspect ratios and guidelines and a bunch of fast, high quality filters.

Evolution Live Wallpaper

Subtle live wallpapers which won't distract from your grid of Apps.

Sketch and Share

A little App to quickly create sketches which can be easily shared (a prototype of a component for an App I have yet to make).

Productivity Experiments


Identify a set of high level priorities and rate your performance each day. See how these vary over time and see if you are really achieving the things you think are important.

Days To Live Death Clock

Count down to your (crudely estimated) death: a digital memento mori. The ultimate motivational tool!

Tablet Browser for Wikipedia

Full native (tablet) browser for Wikipedia (with bookmarking and choice of search language).

Programming Experiments

Generate Mini IDE

An editor (with syntax highlighting) and previewer for Context Free: a simple language for dynamic, generative art.

Generate: Processing Edition

An editor (with syntax highlighting and integrated help) for Processing.js a language for rapidly developing interactive graphical applications.


Deadly Divisors

Your number is highlighted. Tap anywhere on the screen to advance to the next number. If you pick a divisor (in either direction) then you advance. If you pick anything else it is game over. And if you aren't quick enough you will run out of time.

Dr Porter's Memory and Number Trainer

Touch a square. Solve the mental arithmetic question and slide to the next square. If you lift your finger or pick the wrong square you lose.

Other iOS Work

Expect more. I've done a few little things which haven't been released. I'm also working with Swift and SpriteKit on some of my own projects and at Zzish have been working on the iOS SDK.

Other Things


In addition to Android (Java) and iOS (Objective-C), I've worked professionally with Python, R, (Spring) Java and Javascript (Node, Angular.js, Express, …).


I like Processing for doing little interactive graphical things. Google App Engine is a nice platform for webapps which allows you to focus on solving the actual problems rather than implementing general purpose stuff.

Other Websites

My other websites

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Technology, design, me.

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